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13080CW Oyster gravy Kulsan white d-10.5 cm, 80 ml
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Kulsan - new and unique distribution in the field of tableware. The won is specially designed for restaurants, cafes, bars, catering, medicine and schools.

Tsej utensils more mіtsniy, lower porcelain, ceramics, utensils made of melamine or dairy. The thermoset is made from organic materials, which means that it is an accessory for both hot and cold herbs. Vіn do not take revenge on cadmium. _one_

Thermoset complies with all light standards, can be washed in a dishwasher up to +85 C and dried in hot air. Vaughn st_yka to strong chemical speeches, such as puddles and speeches with a pH of 10, yak vicory for washing dishes. Thermoset with thermometer material and vitrimuyut temperature from -20 to +120 C. Thermoset can be vicorated in microwave ovens. _one_

Диаметр:10,5 см
Объем:80 мл
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