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Buffet stand Restam LUNA
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Restam LUNA
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Light and airy. It will create a festive atmosphere at your buffet table and allow you to beautifully place a large number of snacks in a small area. A great solution for Candy - bar . Performs two functions at once: buffet stand and light source. The LED backlight shines bright enough to illuminate a small room with a pleasant soft light and looks great at a gala reception, with field service in the hall or on the street. And different color options for the base and glass allow you to make exactly the option that fits perfectly and complements your interior. _fifteen_

It consists of a metal frame, three sheets of glass, each of which is illuminated by diode bulbs on both sides.

Base material : food grade stainless steel coated

Coating options : Color or Coral

Coating color Color : matt white, matt black, night (shimmer black), snow (white shimmer)

Coating color Coral : black coral, white coral - basic colors. You can also order the production of a buffet slide Restam " LUNA" in any other color from the Coral palette

Glass: only tempered glass 6 or 8 mm thick is used, which meets all safety requirements and hygiene .

Options glass colors (basic):

— graphite (transparent dark gray tinted glass)

- bronze (transparent tinted bronze-golden glass)

- satin (white translucent glass, rough, matte surface)

Diode backlight : powered by a 220v outlet. LED light is neutral. _one_

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